Monday, April 25, 2011

What the American Health Care System Can Learn From Denmark

" In Denmark, we’ve developed communication thus far for almost all IT systems in the health sector. We have implemented all prescription and medication information, and all discharge letters and summaries from hospitals. This also includes outpatient notes, injury reports, x-ray reports, lab reports and lab orders. Reimbursements from health insurance have been made electronic, along with referrals to hospitals and private specialists, and referrals to psychologists. All private physicians have electronic health records today so they can communicate and transfer documents electronically, as well.

From the beginning it was a grassroots effort; we thought it was a good idea to exchange information electronically. And now it has become mandatory that you must communicate electronically. There was a state-wide agreement that this was a good idea."

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  1. Jenny Rita1:47 AM

    It's my understanding that the US is also heading toward a complete electronic health records system. How does Denmark work with compliance issues similiar to ARRA Compliance?

  2. I couldn't imagine how much budget should the U.S. government spend for this proposal. The idea is great but I think it is not yet the time to implement it.

  3. Implementing electronic health records system will just cause confusions if not properly planned. The government must first study the system before coming up with a plan.


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