Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Couple from Canada

Hi, We are from Canada and this is our short story that we would like to share as noted below:

First of all, would like to extend our warm gratitude to Dr.Aniruddha & Dr.Anjali Malpani, and your staff making our IVF treatment a SUCCESS !!!
I am on the eleventh week of pregnancy now and hoping and always pray it will be a SUCCESS until the baby is born.

Planning/deciding to undergo IVF is not a joke/easy. There are a lot of things to consider.

1. Financial - IVF involves a huge amount of money like travelling expenses, hotel,food,medicine and might affect the job as well
2. Stress - Need to manage your stress - IVF involves a lot of stress.
3. Taking the risk

a. Job - Ready to quit the job to have full rest if required according to case to case basis before and after the treatment until the baby is born
b. Effort - Regardless how much effort you exerted expect that sometimes it doesn't succeed at one time treatment only.
c. Time - Ready to accept that in first/second try did not go thru.
d. Budget - It might be very tight at times especially if income is limited.

4. Health - It is very important to remain healthy like balance diet, avoiding caffeine,/alcohol/smoking and have a daily exercise with the doctor's guidance according to health conditions.

I am now in my first pregnancy which is my third IVF treatment with Dr.Malpani coming from Canada to India 3 times. It was really hard to travel and adjustments to another country and lot of stress and finance involved. We cannot fight with God's creations or the nature but the doctors can help to make it happen.

We are really lucky to find the right clinic with experienced doctors who are always there to help, and taking extra steps to make the IVF treatment a success and its so fantastic to have a doctor who responding to all our inquiries promptly all the time additionally his staffs are all helpful and very co-operative treating us like a family and clinic has an excellent facilities everything is done in the clinic itself no need to go somewhere else which is very convenient for us, being a patient for 3 times there we know everything. and enjoyed as well. There are lots of good things to tell but there is no words to express...

However, just to let you know that there are still lot of trauma during my pregnancy on 6th to seventh week had 3 times heavy bleeding but this did not lost our hope I have to deal with and relax thank god did not happen again and very soon I am going to finish my first trimester by April 16,2011.

Thank God !!! There is really nothing impossible. First of all trust in God, trust your doctors, trust yourselves, take a risk and go for it!!!

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