Thursday, April 14, 2011

Premature ejaculation , sexual self-esteem and infertility

Most infertile men have poor sexual self-esteem. As it is , they feel inadequate because they cannot get their wife pregnant. On top of this, if they cannot perform in the bedroom, this makes a bad situation even worse.

Sexual problems are as common in infertile men as they are in fertile men. Premature ejaculation is the commonest male sexual problem. It is very distressing , because it makes the man feel inadequate and inferior.


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  1. The body produces this magnificent unknown power. We have never been taught about this power unless we where looking for it.

    The treatment to cure premature ejaculation is already inside of us, we just haven't found it yet. This power created the life you live now, either consciously or unconsciously.

    Just like you mentioned, as a teenagers young men are experimenting with the thought of sexual pleasure. What we fail to miss or not understand, is that unconsciously we are creating a poor habit, which eventually leads to premature ejaculation.

    It doesn't hit us until we start to feel the effects how not having control of this power and without having the knowledge of this secret power we would struggle to make it better.



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