Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Patient's Journey

The Patient's Journey : "Referring to the patient's journey is a very appropriate start. Travellers have always needed help. How far must I travel? What route must I take? Are there signposts along the way? Is there a map, or must I find my way from landmark to landmark? Is there someone to act as a guide, or must I act as pilot and navigator, and who is in charge? Will it hurt if I 'bump' into something on this journey? What happens upon arrival - will I be a complete stranger in a strange land? Brian Hodges created h2cm to help with these questions. h2cm can act as a guide or prompt, not just for you to use, but for all who care for you. Rather than this being another thing that is done for you, or to you, the health carer model can be used by you alone. h2cm can help ideally when used together with your healthcare professional, or advocate should you have one."

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