Monday, March 06, 2006

HELP stars in India's leading newspaper - The Hindu

HELP stars in India's leading newspaper - The Hindu: "I first read about Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani — the two Mumbai-based young doctors who specialised in fertility treatment — when they set up the first ever sperm bank in the country in 1992. They were subsequently mentioned once again when they popularised the concept of post-operative day care by setting up their own centre.But their most remarkable achievement in the field of health and well-being is the establishment of the Health Education Library for People (HELP), the first consumer health education resource centre in the country. Set up in 1997, HELP aims to help the layman by providing them with the information they need to promote their health, prevent illness as far as possible and learn about any medical problem they may be already suffering from. It also enables patients to work in tandem with their doctors. As Aniruddha puts it, 'We believe that Information is the best prescription!' Incidentally, HELP is a charitable trust and a non-profit organisation." HELP is proud to have been featured in India's leading newspaper.

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