Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Meritocratic Jesus refused to heal the sick

The Students' Notebook: "Meritocratic Jesus refused to heal the sick... his justification is that this would snatch away the businesses of those who are good enough to find a cure. Again there is an emphasis on 'merit'. According to Meritocratic Jesus, the world is full of opportunities where those with the capability can take advantage of, he sees the terminally ill as an opportunity for the doctors to get richer. Those with merit will always benefit from helping the less fortunate. This does not always happen in real life, sometimes acts of altruism are just needed to end suffering."
Interesting viewpoint !
Most people believe that doctor will go to heaven because they do so much good in their lifetime. I remember reading a book which said that all doctors will go to hell, because they derive their livelihood from the sufferings of others !

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  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Suffering takes place with or without a doctor present. Therefore, this path can be said to be for a common good. Having a doctor around when in fact a particular suffering takes place. ;-) Though definitely it is with limitations. For after all, it is not about merit. It is about faith. As with anything else in life. Then again, this is just one opinion.


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