Thursday, March 30, 2006

Patient Knowledge Couplers

Patient Knowledge Couplers: "What do COUPLERS do? They match patient information…
Each Coupler leads users through a series of questions about themselves, their health, and their medical history. The questions collect relevant information about specific medical conditions.
…with an extensive medical database…
PKC’s staff of 25 full-time medical researchers combs through the latest medical literature to write Coupler questions and connect them to up-to-date medical information. That’s why Couplers are able to produce timely, personalized guidance.
…to provide guidance tailored to individuals.
Couplers do not simply spit out generic medical encyclopedia articles. They match patient information with the latest medical information to produce patient-specific advice, including potential causes, treatments, and management strategies.
Couplers are about you, not the “average patient.”"
Clever use of medical technology, to empower patients with the information they need ! You don't need to be so passively dependent on your doctor anymore. These clever tools will allow patients to take back control of their own healthcare decisions !

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