Monday, March 06, 2006

Making money from the wellness craze

Making money from the wellness craze" This course is designed to provide the theoretical basis and practical application of lifestyle medicine within your existing practice. By participating in this ground breaking seminar you will gain the knowledge, insights, and skills to efficiently and effectively guide your patients towards improved lifestyle choices and consequently better health. Specifically you will learn to:

* Incorporate Lifestyle Medicine within your existing practice
* Understand and use coaching psychology to initiate behavioral change
* Prescribe exercise and physical activity
* Understand stress and psychosomatic risk factors
* Develop smoking cessation strategies with your patients
* Address weight management and obesity issues
* Improve your personal health habits"

Wellness is the new craze today ! After all, only about 1% of the population is ill at any given time, which means doctors have a lot of spare time. So they are now targetting everyone - after all, everyone wants to be well, and aren't doctors the experts on wellness ? ( Actually, they aren't - they are just illness experts, but this is another story).
To capitalise on this demand, and to satisfy the craze for " diplomas" from "abroad", Apollo has cleverly tied up with Harvard , to issue doctors who attend this seminar with certificates ( " directly from Harvard Medical School, Boston,
USA !)which they can frame and put on their walls ! Why go to Harvard if Harvard can come to you ?

Hats off to their clever marketing - something we all can learn from !

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