Thursday, March 30, 2006

Evaluating the Long-Term Impact of Patient Education

Evaluating the Long-Term Impact of Patient Education: "Health care costs have been shown to be reduced by education interventions that decrease the patient’s demands on the health care system. Two of the most frequently cited benefits of work-site health-promotion programs are reduced absenteeism and lost workdays. According to some estimates, approximately 80 percent of all health problems could be treated at home. Effective education programs can prevent minor illness or injury from progressing to the point of needing professional intervention. Increased patient awareness through education can also result in earlier detection of problems and more timely outpatient intervention, thus decreasing hospitalizations. Lastly, chronic-disease patients who have been empowered through patient education programs generally have better coping skills and are usually less reliant on health caregivers."
It makes business sense to spend on patient education ! We'll need to spend less on doctors !

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