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CREDIBLE Criteria - Patient Decision Aids - Ottawa Health Research Institute

CREDIBLE Criteria - Patient Decision Aids : "CREDIBLE Criteria
What is the Purpose of the C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. Criteria? The CREDIBLE Criteria were developed as part of the Cochrane Systematic Review of Patient Decision Aids. They provide a summary of some key indicators that provide confidence in the credibility of decision aid content."
What are the Criteria?

C - Competently developed:
* Are the essential components that promote quality decision-making included?
* Are the credentials of developers included in the decision aid or supporting materials?
* Is the development process adequate? A complete development process includes a needs assessment and review by a panel of experts and a panel of potential users.

R - Recently updated:
* Does the developer have an update policy or evidence review process that is continuous or at least every two years?

E - Evidence-based:
* Is there a link to an evidence review group or is the process that was used to identify and appraise evidence described?
* Are references to scientific studies or systematic overviews used to support statements describing benefits/harms?

DI - Disclosure of conflicts of Interest:
* Is there disclosure of sponsorship and conflict of interest?

BL - BaLanced presentation of options, benefits, and harms:
* Is there a balanced presentation of potential harms and benefits?
* Do the majority of users find it balanced?

E - decision aid is Efficacious at improving decision making:
* Do evaluations show that the decision aid improves knowledge?
* Do evaluations show that the decision aid is acceptable to users?
* Do evaluations show other benefits?
* Do evaluations show that it was free from adverse effects?
* Do evaluations include a randomized controlled trial?

This is an excellent format to use when you need to judge the reliability of a medical study or website !

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  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    These criteria can be useful to evaluate health information websites also


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