Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MAKING A KILLING - Chapter 1 - The End of Health Care

MAKING A KILLING - Chapter 1 - The End of Health Care: "Who Plays God in a System Bent on Profit? 'In the spring of 1987, as a physician, I caused the death of a man,' testified Dr. Linda Peeno, to Congress. 'Although this was known to many people,' she continued, 'I have not been taken before any court of law or called to account for this in any professional or public forum. In fact, just the opposite occurred: I was 'rewarded' for this. It bought me an improved reputation in my job, and contributed to my advancement afterwards. Not only did I demonstrate I could indeed do what was expected of me, I exemplified the 'good' company doctor: I saved a half million dollars."
This is an eye-opening book - well worth reading if you are unhappy with your HMO and need to know what to do !

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