Sunday, October 02, 2022

Why do infertile couples spend so many years and so much money on useless treatment?

I review medical records for many infertile couples and it breaks my heart when I see how much time, money, and energy they've wasted on doing what are completely futile treatments in the past. Some of these treatments included things like hydrotubation or DNCS, where you scrape the uterus in order to improve fertility or you flush the tubes in order to make them function.

Today, these treatments have become a lot more sophisticated and a lot more expensive, and these include things like doing prp injections in order to stimulate the ovary to grow more eggs, or prp injections into the endometrium, or all kinds of things. The reality is that these things don't work, but the problem is that patients don't want to hear the truth and doctors don't want to tell them the truth. Because if you tell them that "look, I'm sorry you have a problem, we don't have a solution," patients are going to get pissed off and they're going to say you're a useless doctor.

If you can't solve it, I'll go find someone else who can. What's the point of paying you your consultation fee if you can't provide me with a treatment? which is why doctors are not willing to share the truth. Their whole approach is that if I tell the patient the truth, they will go find some other doctor who will take them for a ride. So why don't I take them for a ride myself?

The reality is infertile couples are often ignorant, gullible, and very emotionally vulnerable. Sadly, lots of doctors lack ethical standards and they're happy to take advantage of the gullibility and ignorance of these infertile couples. And that's why the only way to protect yourself from being taken for a ride by greedy doctors is to invest in information therapy.

The good news is it's very easy to do this. There are lots of very reliable websites. For example, from Johns Hopkins or Mayo Clinic, we will provide information you can trust. Or you can go to our website, that's That's Dr. and and because this content is content which we have authored, I can vouch for it and I can promise you we will tell you the absolute unvarnished truth with no BS because we want you to get the right medical treatment.

The best way to get the right medical treatment is by being a well-informed patient who understands exactly what a doctor can do and equally importantly, what a doctor can't do. We look forward to helping you to have a baby.

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