Wednesday, October 26, 2022

How to choose the right IVF doctor ?

 Choosing the right IVF doctor, selecting the right IVF doctor is the most important decision an IVF patient can make because this is the only thing that is in your control. You can't influence your ovarian reserve. You can't influence your husband's problem If your tubes are blocked, you can't magically open them up, and once the doctor puts an embryo back in the uterus, you can't do anything about whether it's good to implant or not, which means there are so many things which are outside your control.

And obviously, this is scary, and I completely get it, because no matter how much money you spend, no matter how many prayers you give,  no matter how hard you work, and no matter how much energy you invest, you can never be sure which IVF cycle is going to work or even if it's going to work. But the one variable you can control is selecting the right IVF doctor, and it always breaks my heart, how little time and energy patients spend on selecting the right doctor.

 Most IVF patients, in general, especially in India, are extremely passive. They're willing to leave everything up to the doctor. They say, "Yeah, this must be a good doctor. My bhabi went to him and became pregnant, or my GP referred me to him. He must be a good doctor. " But obviously, they don't talk about the kickback the IVF doctor must have given that GP for that referral, which means they really had no clarity at all. And then you have all these clinics that do free IVF counseling camps, which will again bring your patients to come into them. And when patients are badly informed, they're very easy to take for a ride.

Sadly, most IVF patients are ignorant, gullible, and emotionally vulnerable. There are lots of unscrupulous IVF clinics that will actually use a lot of scanning techniques to make patients do treatment that is not in their best interests. Sadly, because patients haven't invested the time and energy in information therapy to make sure that they understand what's involved in an IVF treatment, they understand what a good doctor does. It's very easy for a bad doctor to take that for a ride, which means these doctors don't share information proactively. They do not provide photographs of embryos to these patients. They don't tell them how many follicles are growing, and they come up with all kinds of ridiculous explanations and answers when the IVF cycle fails.

Now an IVF cycle failing is a heartbreak I completely get that, but when the IVF cycle fails because of the incompetence of an IVF doctor, this is adding insult to a journey, and then look what happens to the poor patient. That patient has burnt her fingers. She's never going to trust any IVF doctor. In her head, all IVF doctors are thieves. They all lie. All of them are equally bad. and I think the only way to prevent that problem from happening is by doing all your homework before you sign up for the IVF cycle. Unfortunately, most patients are very naive and immature.

They assume that all doctors are going to be equally good and the reality is that they aren't, and it's only after their first IVF cycle fails, they start doing their homework, going online and understanding what's involved, understanding what a doctor can do and what he can control, and then when they realize that that earlier doctor cheated them and ripped them off, they're extremely bitter, but sadly, the harm is already done and that's why the best way to immunise yourself against bad doctors, to make sure that you don't get trapped by a bad And the good news is, thanks to the internet, it's become extremely easy for you to do so. So please do this before you sign up, and if you do this, your chances of finding the right IVF doctor are much better.

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