Sunday, January 06, 2019

Why are you better than other IVF clinics?

When patients have failed in IVF cycle at another clinic they lose confidence in all doctors .

They are naturally quite reluctant to try a cycle in another clinic, because the implicit question they're asking is, "What makes you better? Why will the outcome be better in your clinic as compared to the earlier clinic ?
After all, that IVF doctor was also a specialist, and they had a great looking clinic, with a very attractive website. At the time of the consultation, they claimed a high success rate, but the cycle failed , so why will you be any different?"                  
This is always a hard question to answer , because obviously every doctor thinks they're the best ! And after all, IVF treatment is pretty standard all across the world !

I think what makes us different is we are a boutique clinic. There are only two doctors, Dr. Anjali and me, and we take care of all our patients. We don't employ any assistants or junior doctors, which means all our care if very hands-on.
Also, we don't do anything else other than IVF , which means we are laser focused on getting you pregnant ! We want you to refer your friends to us !
Our experience and expertise ensures that we take great care of all our patients, and have a high success rate .
Ultimately every batsman plays with the same bat, but Virat Kohli's batting style is what makes him better - but this difference is intangible !
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