Thursday, January 03, 2019

The donor egg farce in India

For older women with poor ovarian reserve, donor egg IVF is a great option, because it increases their chance of getting pregnant considerably.
The problem is that it's hard to find good quality egg donors - and because response to superovulation is an unpredictable biological variable, often the number of eggs the clinic is able to collect from an egg donor is uncertain.
Tragically, lots of clinics continue to use eggs from a fresh egg donor , and this means that often the egg donor doesn't grow many eggs in the treatment cycle, or they're not able to synchronize the cycles of the donor and recipient properly.
This means they up getting only a few eggs from the egg donor; or the timing of the egg collection is not matched properly with the recipient's endometrial receptivity.
However, because the clinic  has lots of patients, and they don't want to maximise their income, they end up splitting the eggs between lots of recipients ! This is especially true when they fly down "diva donors" from overseas for their patients.
As a result of this, each patient gets allotted only a few eggs, which means she gets only a few poor quality embryos, and the entire purpose of using donor eggs is lost .
These patients not only end up failing fresh IVF cycles with their own eggs, they end up failing these fresh donor egg IVF cycles as well !
The clinic they advises them to do surrogacy - not because they need it , but because the IVF clinic is doing a shoddy job. The irony is that the clinic now earns even more money in the process ! What a tragic farce this has become today.
We have an active donor egg IVF program where we guarantee that we can offer you at least 10 mature high quality donor eggs from a high quality fertile donor, because we use only frozen eggs, which has now become the international standard practice. Read more at

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