Saturday, January 05, 2019

Have you failed a donor egg IVF cycle?

Patients do donor egg IVF with a lot of hopes , because they know that using healthy eggs from a young egg donor maximises their chances of getting pregnant - provided they receive lots of eggs , so they can transfer top quality blastocysts.
Unfortunately lots of IVF clinics in India aren't able to do a good job with doing donor egg IVF treatment.
For one thing, finding good egg donors is very difficult . Secondly, because they do not have the ability to freeze these donor eggs, they are forced to super ovulate egg donors and use fresh eggs for their donor egg IVF cycles.
The problem is that it's very hard to synchronize the recipient's cycle with that of the egg donor , as a result of which these patients often end up getting few eggs , so that the entire purpose of using donor egg is defeated, because they end up with poor quality embryos.
Because donors are at a premium, they are forced to share these eggs with other patients , as a result of which each patient gets very few eggs and embryos.
This is especially true when "diva donors" from overseas are superovulated for these patients. Sadly, beggars can't be choosers, and patients are forced to accept what they are given - especially since they have paid the fees in advance !
What compounds the problem is the complete lack of transparency, and patients are not provided any details about their embryos. They are just told that everything is fine - which means that nothing is fine !
If you have failed a donor egg IVF cycle in another clinic, please come to us , because we use frozen donor eggs and guarantee at least 10 mature eggs for each patient !
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