Thursday, January 17, 2019

A free solution for reducing IVF stress !

Many people think of IVF as being stressful, but the reality is that one of the reasons for this stress is ignorance - and this is avoidable !
Many patients haven't been counseled adequately, and don't know enough about the treatment plan, because the IVF doctor has not bothered to define this clearly. This is why there's a lot of uncertainty and confusion in their head ! They don't know what's going to happen next and they have no idea whether their  cycle's going well or not. The assistants are very unhelpful and the senior doctor is never available, which means they don't even know how many follicles they are growing ; how many eggs were collected; or how good their embryos were. This needless cloud of confusion and uncertainty increases their stress levels and makes going through an IVF cycle even harder.
This is why do many IVF patients are so vulnerable to all the myths and misconceptions which they hear from other people about all the risks of IVF. Even worse, they only learn about the minutiae of the IVF treatment by talking to the other IVF patients waiting in the clinic - which is a bit like the lame leading the blind !
This is why the most important technique for reducing IVF stress is Information Therapy.
Patients who have done their homework  have realistic expectations, and know exactly what's going to happen next. They are in control of their life during the IVF treatment, and it's easier for them to cope with the emotional  roller-coaster of the ups and downs of an IVF cycle, because they know exactly what's happening.
Doctors need to learn to put patients first, and ensure they are open and transparent , by sharing information before and during their IVF treatment.
What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?
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