Tuesday, January 01, 2019

The IVF Checklist

IVF can seem to be a demanding and complex treatment, which is why it helps if you are  well    organised !

1. Make sure you have completed all your tests

□ Ovarian reserve testing ( AMH, prolactin, TSH, antral follicle count)
□ Infectious disease screen: HIV, Hepatitis, RPR , Rubella
□ Vaginal ultrasound scan
□ Semen analysis
Infectious disease screen: HIV, Hepatitis, RPR/VDRL

Please note how short this list is !

Don't waste your money on useless and unnecessary tests such as sperm DNA fragmentation, TB testing, ERA, genetic testing or hysteroscopy !

2. Make sure you know how much you have to pay and when - financial surprises can be a rude shock.

3. Start taking your supplements ( such as folic acid, Vit D and DHEA, if prescribed). You might also want to explore yoga, meditation and acupuncture, to help you be ready for the IVF cycle

4. Make sure you have all the medications you  need for the treatment cycle.  Please don't waste for the last minute to order them !

5. Organise your logistics ( leave from work if needed; tickets for travel; and your husband's work schedule). You can print out your IVF treatment calendar at https://www.ivfindia.com/public/ivfcalendar.php if you are using the short downregulation protocol.

6. Re-read the IVF comic book at https://www.drmalpani.com/pdf/IVF_COMIC_BOOK.pdf, so you know exactly what's going to happen during your treatment!

You can also send me your medical details by filling in the form at www.drmalpani.com/free-second-opinion so that I can guide you !

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