Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cross referrals between urologist and gynecologist for IUI treatment

Lots of patients with a low sperm count are seen by a gynecologist , who then advises them to do an IUI treatment because they don't have anything better to offer them.
However, because their sperm count is poor, they refer the patient to an andrologist/ urologist .
Many urologists are clueless about male infertility treatment , because they specialize in doing other things , such as removing prostates and treating kidney stones. This is why most of them aren't very interested in treating the infertile man, because they are primarily surgeons who like operating.  And honest urologists know there is little they can offer in the form of therapeutic options to the infertile man.
However, when a gynecologist refers a patient to them , they are forced to test and treat in order to live up to their image as being specialists ! This is why they focus on trying to improve the sperm count or sperm motility, and they do that by prescribing all kinds of drugs, or by doing varicocele surgery.  
However, all of this is completely pointless and wasteful, and doesn't really help the patient.
However, the poor guy gets bounced back like a ping-pong between gynecologist and urologist. Any time the sperm count improves ( because it varies all the time , and not because of the treatment), both the urologist and patient gets excited , and is sent back to the gynecologist for doing an IUI.
The gynecologist dutifully just keeps on doing IUI after IUI, but nothing works, because IUI is not the right treatment for the infertile man.
Finally, the poor patient gets fed up, and finds an IVF clinic, which can do IVF/ICSI  treatment for this - which is the only treatment which will work for men with a low sperm count.
What to find an IVF clinic which respects your time and intelligence ?
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