Monday, October 15, 2018

Why frozen embryo transfers are better than fresh IVF cycles.

In the past, it was believed that the chances of getting pregnant were better when we transferred fresh embryos in an IVF cycle. 

After all, the word " fresh " itself suggests that these are vital , viable embryos, which are much more likely to implant, as compared to frozen embryos.

Patients would confuse the quality of frozen embryos with the quality of frozen vegetables and fruits kept in the refrigerator. This is why they would believe that these were stale, or not as healthy as fresh embryos.

In fact, this was true in the past, when we used slow freezing in order to cryopreserve embryos.

The technology for freezing embryos wasn't very good, as a result of which a lot of these embryos would die as a result of freezing and thawing them. 

However, the technology has improved dramatically, and we now use vitrification to freeze embryos. In our clinic, the survival rates are 100% , which means the pregnancy rates are better when we transfer frozen embryos,

This is true for many reasons.

1.  The endometrial receptivity is much better in a frozen cycle, because we can prepare the uterine lining optimally . In a fresh IVF cycle, the high dose of hormones used for superovulation can impair endometrial receptivity.

2. We can transfer only a single embryo at a time, so that the cumulative pregnancy rate remains high; and the obstetric risks of a multiple  pregnancy go down. This improves the live birth rate

3. It gives you more flexibility, and increases your options, because you can store your embryos, and use them for your second and third baby as well after a few years

4. The frozen thaw transfer cycle is much easier and less stressful, because there are no injections, and you just need to come to the clinic for 2 -3 scans !

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