Saturday, October 13, 2018

Questions patients ask after a failed IVF cycle

IVF failure can be devastating  ! You invested all your hopes and money in this treatment which offered you the best chance of getting pregnant, and when it fails , this means that you're back to square one !

Patients have lots of questions after a failed IVF cycle.

How soon after a failed IVF can I try again?
What are my chances of conception after a failed IVF?
Is it possible for me to have a natural pregnancy after a failed IVF?
Why did my IVF cycle fail?

And all of these are perfectly reasonable questions, and step number one is to review your medical records with your doctor ,  to find out exactly what didn't go right – and what went well.

And if you don't have your medical records – especially photos of your embryos - this itself is a red flag, which means you need to get a second opinion to be able to determine what you can do in order to improve your chances in your next cycle.

There's no reason to go to pieces or to give up , just because one IVF cycle fails. The important thing is to learn from it , and then do what you can to improve your chances of success for your next cycle !
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