Thursday, October 04, 2018

The IVF doctor’s bedside manner

Most doctors are great at talking sweetly to patients at the time of the first consultation, because they want to lure the patient in for treatment.  It’s easy to give patients lots of hopes and promises, and many patients like this , because it boosts their confidence , and they like the doctor’s positivity. They feel that being treated by a confident and optimistic doctor will improve their chance of getting pregnant.

But this has a downside and can backfire , because when the cycle fails , the patient feels completely let down. The same highly positive doctor becomes negative, and starts to ignore the patient; or refuses to answer calls; or blames the patient for the failure.

On the other hand, many IVF doctors are very scientific and rational. However, if you are cut-and-dried and stick to statistics , patients feel that you're not empathetic and are not able to connect emotionally with them, because you don’t understand their feelings.

They resent the fact that you're not being encouraging , or providing them with the confidence boost which they need to go ahead with the IVF cycle !

It's always a tricky balance, and both doctor and patients need to find a partner they are comfortable working with !

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