Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The harm done by treating IVF patients in batches

Lots of IVF clinics  - especially the IVF chains - will batch patients together. Some do this because they don't have a full-time embryologist , or an expert -time IVF specialist , and they have to depend on someone to come from outside the city in order to do the actual treatments. Others do this because they have lots of centers all over the city, and their doctors travel from one clinic to another in order to treat as many patients as possible.

Now, this might be convenient for the doctor, and helps to maximize their income, but is obviously not very good for the patients. They have to wait, and this wastes a lot of valuable time. This can be a big issue, especially for patients who are travelling from other cities to take treatment.

More importantly, this often affects their IVF success rates. The doctor then either has to put them on injections for a long time, or manipulate their cycle using birth control pills, none of which is in the patients' best interests !

This kind of cookie-cutter approach, where the individual needs of the patient are not respected reduces IVF success rates.

Because we are a full-service IVF clinic , and have full-time staff, we can treat the patient according to their own natural cycle, which means we have a lot more flexibility when treating them. This is very convenient, specially for patients who are coming from out of Mumbai for treatment, because we can start treatment whenever they come, rather than have to wait for a batch to start.

Also, we can tailor our protocols according to their natural cycle, which is why our success rates are so high.

Want an IVF  treatment protocol tailored to your body ?  Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you !

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