Tuesday, October 09, 2018

What are my chances of getting pregnant with IVF ?

Most IVF patients want their doctor to give them a number in answer to this question , and they naively believe that the higher the number , the better the doctor !
The problem is that this number is quite meaningless . For one thing, it is usually an estimate – and before starting the cycle, it's not a high quality estimate, because doctors are forced to lump all their patients together in groups, according to their age.
The problem is that doctor  aren't fortune tellers, and we cannot predict how many eggs you will actually grow, or what the quality of your embryos will be, which is why this is a very  imprecise number. What’s worse is that lots of doctors will inflate the number, because they are trying to hook you into doing an IVF cycle with them, which means you can't even trust that number in the first place.
The reality is for an individual patient, any number - whether it's 20% or 40%, or 60% - is a meaningless number. For you,  either you get pregnant, which means it's a 100% success rate; or you don't get pregnant, which means it's a 0% success rate – there’s nothing in between !
A far better question you should be asking yourself is "If I do nothing, what are my chance of getting pregnant on my own ? How much does IVF increase those chances by? What's the delta?"
This way you have peace of mind that you've made a well thought-out decision for yourself.
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