Thursday, October 11, 2018

What is the difference between an infertility specialist and an IVF specialist?

Lots of patients get confused about whom to go to when they want to baby, and most of them will go to the local gynecologist. This is especially true if they have had secondary infertility, and have already had a baby, and they assume the gynecologist will be handle to their infertility issues as well. After all, he delivered them the first time, didn't he?

                                And aren't gynecologists supposed to be specialists taking of women's health? Or they will go to a gynecologist for a regular check-up and will assume that he will be able to provide treatment, because these days every gynecologist calls himself an infertility specialist as well.

                                But the reality is, there is a big different between an IVF specialist and an infertility specialist. And a lot of so-called infertility specialists don't have the training, or the expertise, or the laboratory backup to be able to actually provide specialized care for infertile couples, which means these couples waste a lot of time and money.

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