Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Should we change what we call infertility clinics?

Lots of infertility clinics call themselves infertility clinics because they treat infertile patients, and this makes a lot of sense. After all, cancer specialists treat cancer, and cardiologists treat patients with heart disease, so this is quite reasonable.
One the other hand, a lot of infertile patients object to this . They say that these are pro-fertility clinics, because they are helping patients to have a baby . Since they promote fertility, why do they continue to use such a negative name ? Why not call them  fertility clinics or pro-fertility clinics – wouldn’t this be much more positive and hopeful?
On one hand you could argue - what difference does a name make?
But  trying to encourage patients , and creating optimism by providing them with positivity makes a lot of sense.
Of course, the other choice is to call yourself an IVF clinic, because that's the primary treatment which we offer. But because IVF covers so many other treatment options as well, perhaps calling ourselves Malpani Fertility Clinic clinic would be the best option !
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