Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Why do IVF doctors blame patients when the lab messes up ?

A patient sent me this email.

Our last IVF cycle failed. We had 3 euploid embryos after doing PGD. These were graded as 6AA, 6AA, and 5AA. We had planned to transfer only one of the 6AAs on a FET , but when it thawed it didn’t look great. It was still alive but looked ‘grainey’ As the doctor said. So she transferred the other 6AA as well which also not looking great but still alive. Neither took. She now believes it to be an egg quality issue and embryo quality issue. Could that be since they tested out as euploid? 

The patient send me photos of her embryos, and it was clear that they had died during the thawing . The blastocysts were dark and collapsed. There was no way they were going to implant. Ideally, the doctor should have waited a few hours and checked to see if they expanded in vitro before transferring them. If they failed to do so, this meant that they were not viable, and should not have been transferred. Doing so just caused false hope and a painful 2ww for no good reason. What's even worse is that the doctor is now blaming the patient's egg quality for this problem , rather than taking ownership of the problem, which is completely unfair. 

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