Thursday, May 03, 2018

How doctors cause harm

A patient sent me this email.

Hi doctor my wife had two miscarriages in last 18 months . After second miscarriage we have done TORCH test, it shows high range of of CMV IgG at 200 (normal range is 0-6) and CMV IgM is non reactive range (0.17) we had consult doctor he had given medicine valcivir for 20 days , after complete 20 days CMV  at IgG at 53 , we had stop taking medicine after 30 days when we have test CMV IgG shows again 194 level.
My query is with this rising level of CMV igg how we conceive a healthy pregnancy ?I have searched on internet and it shows rising level of CMV IgG causes serious birth defect in baby.
Sir, please advice us how we control this - we want healthy baby .I f there is a chance for any defect , we will wind up our plan for next pregnancy .

I explained to him.
A positive CMV IgG test is actually  a good sign ! This means your wife has antibodies which will protect her against another  infection.
This is why these positive TORCH tests do not affect your next pregnancy. You can read about this at

It's truly tragic that doctors are so poorly informed that they don't know how to interpret blood test results !

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