Monday, May 07, 2018

Why do IVF doctors sing a different tune after the IVF cycle fails ?

Patients who have failed an IVF cycle often find that what their doctor told them at the time of the embryo transfer is very different from what they tell them after their IVF cycle fails. 

At the time of the transfer they are very optimistic , and gush about how great the embryos they have made for the patient in the lab are, and how she will definitely get pregnant!  Sadly, they don't provide any embryo photos, so the patient is forced to accept the doctor's word, since there is no documentation.

However, when the cycle fails, the doctor comes up with all kinds of creative explanations , as the lining was thin ; or the sperm were poor quality; or the embryos were growing slowly .
Patients are forced to wonder - why didn't you tell me this at the time of the transfer? 
Even worse, they then propose all kinds of fancy tests ( NK cell testing, sperm DNA fragmentation) and expensive treatments ( IV immunoglobulins, endometrial receptivity assay - ERA) to fix the problem, so that the chances of success improve in the next cycle.

Patients feel cheated and lose confidence in the doctor because of this lack of consistency. They believe that if the doctor knew there was a problem, then why didn't he tell . them at that time itself ? Why did he do the transfer and give them false hope and subject them to a pointless nerve-wracking 2ww ? 

And they feel that if the doctor had identified the issue, then why couldn't he have corrected it in the first cycle itself, rather than waiting for the cycle to fail ? Isn't this a way of extracting more money from the poor patient ?

This is why patients have such little confidence in IVF doctors today !

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