Friday, May 18, 2018

Why didn't this blastocyst implant ?

The truthful answer is - We don't know !

This doesn't mean we are stupid or ignorant - it just means medical technology has its limitations, and we need to learn to live with them, by having realistic expectations of what IVF treatment can accomplish - and what it can't !

So what do we know ?

We know that human reproduction is not a very efficient process, and that most embryos will not implant because they have genetic abnormalities we still cannot test for. This is the limitation of IVF technology today, and we need to come to terms with it.

The problem is that patients are unhappy when the doctor tells them the truth, because they want the comfort of certainty. Sadly, this is a mirage, but in order to keep patients happy and placate them, doctors will spin all kinds of tales to explain away the failure. Usually this involves "blaming" the patient , and this victim-blaming comes in all kinds of flavours
- you did not rest enough
-  you were too stressed out
- you did not take your medicines on time
your egg quality was poor
- your husband's sperm were bad

Doctors cook up all kinds of fanciful pretexts, but this false pretense just causes more harm. They end up subjecting the poor patient to all kinds of useless tests and treatments, which just waste money, but don't improve success rates !

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