Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Are we overlooking something doctor ?

A patient sent me this email after 2 failed IVF cycles at our clinic

It is frustrating, but i think we need to do a deep analysis to understand why things are not going the right way, if we plan to again go for this entire process of IVF. She had diligently followed all the instructions with regards to medicines , food and rest.  We do have some doubts in mind which i think you should be able to clear:
1. Why isn’t her body accepting the embryo ?
2. Should there have been some more medicines administered to her for her body to accept foreign embryo?

This was my reply

This kind of thinking is flawed
The uterus is passive, and can accept all embryos because it is an immunologically privileged site
She is on maximal medical therapy and there are no more medicines which would help embryo implantation
We can add lots of additional expensive treatments, such as intralipids, endometrial scratch, IVIG and so on, but these don't help
I would suggest you might want to get a second opinion, so you can confirm you are on the right track !
Yes, we understand the patient's heartbreak when an IVF cycle fails, and we do sympathise. After all, we also feel bad when patients don't get pregnant after spending so much time, money and energy, and coming to us with such high hopes, but we remind them that there are lots of things which are not in a doctor's control , and that IVF cycles will fail, no matter how excellent the medical care we provide.

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