Saturday, January 09, 2016

Why do I focus so much on bad IVF practices in my blog ?

A patient was complaining to me . She said - Your blog is all about what bad IVF clinics do and how they take patients for a ride. There is so much negativity in your blog, and you seem to keep on bad-mouthing other IVF doctors. This scares patients, and gives all IVF clinics a bad reputation. Don't you think you are creating harm rather than good ?

This is a great point,  and here's my answer.

The Indian healthcare system is still immature, and patients are vulnerable.  Yes , there are lots of good IVF doctors whom I respect, and I don't need to write about them, because they  already  do what's in their patient's best interests. I highlight the malpractices and dodgy shortcuts that the bad IVF clinics use, so that patients can protect themselves.

I believe openness and transparency helps the entire ecosystem. Hopefully, patients will stop naively assuming that all doctors are equally good and will start asking their IVF doctors the tough questions. This will cause the bad IVF doctors to improve, because they will realise that they can't get away with cheating patients. And this information does  help the good IVF doctors, because the trust which their patients have in them  increases when they can see that they are following good medical practices !

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