Thursday, January 28, 2016

The side effects of googling for information !

Most infertile patients are understandably anxious before starting an IVF cycle. They have lots of worries and concerns ! Will the shots hurt ? Will the hormones cause them to put on weight ? lose hair ? result in moodswings ? How will they manage their job responsibilities while doing IVF ? Will there be side-effects ? Will the treatment be painful ? Will the cycle succeed ? How will they cope if it fails ? And will they be able to afford to pay for it ?

There have lot  of questions, and have read lots of horror stories online, and don't know what to believe.

This is why I prescribe information therapy to my patients. I tell them - Do your homework. Be well read and well informed . This will reduce your anxiety levels . It will help to ensure there are no unexpected surprises , and by clearing your doubts, you will remain in control of your life, because you know exactly what's going to happen next.

However, some patients  believe that searching for information ends up increasing their anxiety levels. Their approach is much simple - ignorance is bliss ! You're the doctor, and I trust you, so you do whatever is required.  Why should I worry about this stuff ? If I start reading about these things, I get more worried and anxious, especially when I read first person accounts which describe how painful the IVF injections are; or describe how they nearly died because of OHSS.

This is a valid criticism, and this is why you need to become a sophisticated patient - someone who understands how to find information which is reliable online. This is why we prescribe Information Therapy - and not just generic non-specific information from a random website which google throws up !

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