Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Earning the trust of the patients who has failed IVF patient

 It can be quite challenging to treat patients who have failed an IVF cycle in another clinic. One would expect that it would be easier to manage these patients , because they're already aware of what's involved in IVF treatment. They understand that they need IVF in order to have a baby; and because they have been through an IVF treatment cycle , we don't need to spend much time in walking them through the nitty gritty of an IVF cycle .

However, a big problem we find is creating trust in these patients. Once they've failed an IVF cycle , they often lose confidence in all IVF doctors. A lot of them feel abandoned by their earlier IVF doctor , many of whom will refuse to even talk to them after the failure.

We therefore need to invest a lot of time in earning their trust . We find the best way of doing this is by educating them , so we can explain to them what make us different. Many patients appreciate the fact that we are open and transparent - and because they have already been through an IVF cycle, they now have a basis for comparison, so it's easier for them to see how and why we are better !

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