Sunday, January 03, 2016

How IVF doctors take patients for a ride

A patient just sent me this email.

Have done IVF and it is my third month. Irrespective of the health condition , the doctors here are mandating all the patients to stay here for a minimum duration of 5 months . Is it necessary ? Also as a common practice they do stitching for all the patience who had sucessful IVF after 3 months. Is stitching mandatory ? Also , do we need to have any special injection after stitching ? This is also common to all patients hence they are mandating us to stay for a minimum duration of 5 months.

This patient should be on top of the world now that she is pregnant after IVF . However, her IVF doctor has made her pregnancy a nightmare by medicalising her pregnancy, and forcing her to stay on and take special ( read "expensive") injections; and doing a cervical stitch. This is just a way of scaring the poor patient and extorting more money.

An IVF pregnancy  is exactly like a normal pregnancy and does not need any special care. Unnecessary cervical stitches can actually cause a miscarriage ! After the embryo transfer, patients should go back home and lead a normal life.

Any doctor who tells you that you need "special" care after the embryos transfer is not a good doctor. Patients should not allow doctors to take them for a ride !

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