Thursday, January 21, 2016

Orgasms after embryo transfer.

One of the common events which occurs during the two week wait is an unplanned orgasm.  However, this is one of those things which no one ever talks about.

This is partly because women are ashamed and embarrassed about the fact that they've had an involuntary orgasm. Their big fear is that as a result of the orgasm , the uterine contractions will cause the embryos to fall out , and therefore they will not get pregnant.

They fret and fume about this possibility , and are wracked by guilt,  especially when the cycle fails.

However the reality is that these orgasms are common , and are the result of the excessive pelvic vascular congestion during the two week wait after the embryo transfer.  The high levels of hormones cause increased blood flow to the pelvis, and the increased clitoral blood flow sometimes causes an orgasm - often during sleep. It's involuntary and there's nothing much anyone can do about it.

You don't need to worry if you do get an orgasm - your embryos are safe in your uterus , just like a pearl in an oyster , and an orgasm is not going to cause any harm whatsoever.

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