Friday, January 15, 2016

The expensive lessons some IVF patients learn

I was talking to a patient who had failed an IVF cycle and she was extremely unhappy about the quality of care she'd  received. There was very little transparency, she didn't have any medical documentation. Her doctor refused to give her photos of her embryos.

I explained to her that this was not acceptable ; that all good IVF clinics provide embryo photos routinely before the transfer, even if the patient does not ask for them.

I told her that good patients learn to check out these basics, and insist on proper documentation before starting the IVF cycle. Her response was, "I am just a patient, what do I understand about all these technical niceties. I trusted my doctor , and did everything he told me to do."

Sadly , not all IVF doctors are created equal, and the most important task of an IVF patient is to find a good IVF clinic. She had learned the hard way that not all IVF doctors are good, and just because they have a brand name, this does not mean that she can afford to leave everything upto the doctor.

She had been taught an expensive lesson , and this was a heavy price to pay. It was not just the money - it was the emotional trauma she was suffering, because she now felt cheated.  The confidence she had in all doctors has now taken a beating.

The good news is that it's possible to learn these lessons for free today , thanks to the internet . Patients can empower themselves with information therapy , so they know what questions to ask an IVF doctor before signing up . Good doctors encourage questions, and because they respect their patients , they will take the time and trouble to educate them. The tragedy is that if you fall in the clutches of a bad doctor, then even God can't save you.

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