Monday, August 27, 2012

Will Clear Passage Therapy take up my challenge ?

Clear Passage uses a wide variety of clever techniques in order to lure patients. They claim to be able to treat lots of conditions , ranging from chronic pelvic pain to adhesions to blocked tubes. ( This is smart, because the more the number of conditions you claim to be able treat, the greater the number of patients will come to you.)

Patients who go to Clear Passage are self-pay , well-heeled patients who are self-referred. These are internet positive patients, who will scour the web to find alternative treatment options, because they are not happy with what their present doctor is offering. Clear Passage does a great job of targeting these patients !

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  1. Is it even necessary or wise to challenge such things? Some fallacies die-hard!It is not the problem with the people who sell such treatments, it is the problem with the consumers.

  2. I believe it's possible to educate consumers so they learn to have realistic expectations and do not get fooled !

    And even if I can help one person, it will have been worth it !

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  3. I wish you good luck but I doubt whether it is possible!


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