Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why do you want a baby ? Genes , Pregnancy and Parenting


Fertile couples find it easy to make a baby in their bedrooms. Most of us take our reproductive ability for granted , and expect to be able to have babies when we are ready to grow our families.  The urge to procreate is extremely strong and as Sir Osler said, there are two primal desires for humans - to get and to beget !

Why do most of us want to have babies in the first place ?  Very few of us bother to analyze our motives, because babies are often the happy results of our pleasurable bedroom pursuits.  Many couples are just following their basic biological urges , as commanded by their selfish genes. For others , babies are a welcome byproduct of their sexual activity , and they are quite pleased to grow their families. Many others will blindly obey the social pressure to have children , simply because this is what is expected of them.
What about the minority who actually thinks about why they want have a baby ? There could be multiple reasons.


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  1. You are quite right, one of the desires of the man in life is to marry and have children economic stability but for me having children has become essential as my wife and I have not been able to have children.

  2. This is such a wondeful post : ) I am sure it will help infertile couples a lot.


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