Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pregnancy after a failed IVF cycle

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All of us know of patients who have failed an IVF cycle and then got pregnant in their own bedroom ! This sometimes raises a lot of questions – how did they get pregnant when they failed the IVF cycle ? Was the IVF doctor good enough ? Or did he do a bad job with the IVF treatment ? Doesn’t this suggest that IVF doctors are greedy and tend to over-treat patients, by advising expensive treatments like IVF, even when they that the patient could get pregnant in their own bedroom ?


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  1. Interesting post, Dr Malpani. You quite often hear of stories of people getting pregnant after fertility treatments. Do you think it may be linked to the fact that the pressure is off and they are more relaxed?

  2. Dear Jenn,

    I think these pregnancies are much more likely to be coincidental. However, they are memorable, because everyone talks about them !

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