Monday, August 13, 2012

A long but worthwhile IVF journey of a couple from Dubai

Ours was a love marriage and we enjoyed our time together for the first 3 years , pushing back requests from  parents & in laws to start a family soon. After 3 years , we decided to give this a thought and tried for 5 – 6 months before consulting a gynec. The doctor ran a few tests on my wife and also suggested I consult a urologist. Things turned upside down for us when  we realized that both my wife & I had fertility issues which would not allow us to have a kid naturally. This hit us really hard and we could not really believe this happened to us. Based in Dubai , we felt quite alone and had very few options in our hand . We had countless number of tearful days and night where we tried to accept the fact that we may not be able to have a child , but this couldn’t bring any relief whatsoever. We both decided to face this together and not to lose hope without giving our best to solve this distressing problem.

We were referred to Dr Malpani by a renowned urologist in Dubai , and that’s how we got information about his clinic. We searched on the web and started gathering information from his website. The website had the answers for  99% of our questions and the rest were promptly responded by Dr Malpani personally via email. We read about IVF but were very scared and confused to go for it. Finally we gathered our courage to take this huge leap forward, and decided to visit his clinic for treatment.

First meetings with Dr Malpani reinstated our faith in the treatment and we really liked his approach of keeping everything very standard , transparent and professional for everyone. My wife started  the treatment and was put on daily injections which was quite an overwhelming experience for us. It was the hope of having a kid someday and the spirit of being positive which was the driving force which propelled us to go through the treatment.

Finally the day arrived when 2 embryos (out of the 12) were transferred to my wife’s uterus.  After a week , we travelled back to Dubai waiting for the day 10 to do the test to confirm the result. BOOM…the pregnancy test was negative and it felt that all the efforts we had invested had failed. It was a hard time for myself and even harder for my wife. Lots of thoughts came to mind , but after  a week’s time , we started making plans to visit for a second cycle , in order to transfer our frozen embryos.  After 2 months , we visited Mumbai again , knowing that the treatment required was much simpler and easier than last time. We went through the process of transferring another 2 embryos and returned back to Dubai after a week..

Day 10 ..Disappointment!!!..another pregnancy test showed a negative result and we were back to where we started . Another week of grief and tears – and we were back on track with our normal life. More than the money , every trip caused us emotional and mental pain which was quite difficult to deal with. I always tried to keep the morale up for my wife but honestly , deep within , I too was not sure myself how high should we keep our hopes.

Close to the year end , we decided to fight out one more time again , before we were done with this trying. Things had become routine for us , and we were quite a known face in the clinic by now , so it was nothing new for us . 2 more embryos were transferred and we were back in Dubai , willing ourselves not to get excited for what Day 10 would have in store for us.

We said our prayers and went for the test. My wife was not even interested in knowing the result this time, so we asked the clinic to email it to us. We received the email in the evening and I took the courage to open it  ….BINGO…the test was positive ! One embryo out of the two had attached itself to the uterus ! My wife was pregnant and momentarily we forgot all the pain and challenges we went through to come to this day.

There were ups and downs which are common in any pregnancy , and finally my wife completed her 9 months successfully and this month we were blessed with a beautiful angel. I don’t think we have any words to thank Dr Malpani for the change he has brought in our lives , but I wish him and every patient of his , success in their endeavors . Based on our experience , a few final words of advice , if you are in a similar situation like ours - Keep faith in god , do good deeds and stay positive.

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