Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finding the best IVF expert for your treatment

Infertile patients spend a lot of time on finding the right IVF expert for their IVF treatment. Not only do they spend hours scouring the web for the right doctor, the pore over hundreds of bulletin board messages in order to find the doctor who's just right for them. All patients want the perfect doctor - one who is uptodate, runs a well-equipped clinic ; and is kind and empathetic. While a lot of these searches are done online , they will also talk to friends and family members who been through infertility treatment ; and request their family physician for a referral to the best IVF specialist.

While it's true that finding the right IVF doctor can make a world of a difference to your IVF treatment, I feel that sometimes patients waste too much time and energy on this expedition.

One problem is that when they think they found the right IVF doctor , they will stop doing their homework. They then tend to uncritically accept whatever suggestions the IVF doctor makes , even though some of these may not be scientifically very sound or sensible.

Even worse, the fact of the matter is that trying to find the right expert can often become such an obsessive exercise that it consumes a lot of energy, which can be better utilized in other pursuits. I feel rather than spend all the time and energy trying to find the right IVF expert, most infertile patients would be much better off if they spend the same amount of time and energy trying to become expert patients themselves.

Expert patients are able to identify the right IVF expert for themselves - they do not get swayed by brand names , press releases and five star ambience ! They're also able to critically analyze their doctor's advise, so they can craft a treatment plan in partnership with their doctor, which works for them, rather than just blindly doing what the doctor tells them to do

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