Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Providing a second opinion when an IVF cycle fails

As a senior IVF specialist , I'm often asked to give a second opinion on the IVF treatment which patients have taken another IVF clinic. This is a useful exercise for me , because it teaches me a lot. I can study the treatment protocols which other doctors use; and how they modify these , depending  upon the patient's response. I also probe to find out how much the patient has understood about their treatment, because this tells me a lot about good their doctor was. Good doctors take the time and trouble to educate their patients; and if the patient is well-informed, this is a sign that their doctor is a good physician. ,

Sometimes I'm forced to be critical of the treatment which was provided by the clinic . Providing a second opinion can be a difficult task , because you often have to second-guess what the other doctor did. It’s easy to point out flaws , errors and shortcomings with hindsight wisdom . It’s easy to be cleverer than the treating doctor because I am looking through a retrospectoscope ! However, I do not like criticizing professional colleagues,  and try to be respectful, because I always remind myself that I wasn’t there when the actual treatment was being performed, which is why I may not have insight into why the doctor chose to make certain decisions.


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