Thursday, August 16, 2012

Masturbation, sperm counts and fertility

Misconceptions are very prevalent about sensitive , personal and private topics such as sexuality. Masturbation is still an area about which myths abound. This is especially true in conservative societies, which will consider this to be a taboo subject, as a result of which young men are completely clueless as to what the impact of masturbation is on their health and fertility.

A number of men with a low sperm count ( and a zero sperm count ) believe that the result for this is the fact that they used to masturbate as teenagers. They believe that masturbation has drained all the sperm from their body , as a result of which they are now sexually weak , and cannot produce good quality sperm any more. A lot of these men do not understand the difference between sperm and semen ; and are often misled as a result of advertisements and billboards put up by quacks. A lot of these quacks are now online as well , where they prey on the ignorance of these young men.

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  1. Anonymous3:34 AM

    If, as you say, masturbation does not lead to infertility, why on earth doctors ask their patients not to have anyu sexual act (including mastyurbation) several days prior to test? I did this test twice. Firt time, i forgot this advice and and had sex on the day before test and the result was unbeliavebly bad. Next time everythinh went fine because i actually had nothing for several days prior to test

  2. Please do not get confused. When you produce a semen sample, this ejaculate contains sperm which were produced in the testes 6 weeks ago - but have been stored in the reproductive tract for a few days. If you ejaculate without a 3-day abstinence, the stored sperm pool in the reproductive tract vesicles gets depleted and takes time for the body to replenish this. However, sperm production in the factory ( the testes) continues normally.

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Good job Dr. But during masturbation, how can somebody identify the difference semen and sperm?

  4. Sperm can only be seen under the microscope

    Dr Malpani

  5. Sir, I am 24 year old boy and to be true to you I have been masturbating severeal times a day almost everyday since I was 11 . People say that I would now become impotent and it's useless for me to get married now. I am feeling really miserable doctor and have gone into severe deepression but I can't share these things with my parents I am really feeling restless and depressed. Kindly help me out Doctor. With regards, Abhishek

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Can masturbation decreases someone's blood percentage.

  7. Anonymous8:33 AM

    hi doc i m 31 YR old married i observed that when i mastrubate and interact with my partner i just get only drop of semen what is the reason for it and i have been mastrubating since i was 14

  8. How much semen do you ejaculate when you have a wet dream ( nocturnal ejaculation) ? If it's always very little, this suggests you may have an ejaculatory duct obstruction. The commonest cause for this is an absent vas deferens. Read more at

  9. Anonymous6:15 PM

    i have problem since 6 year in masturbation sir, still im alone didn't married and i would like to marri now, one day some told me if u do masturbation over You will not get a baby after ur married ... reply me

  10. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I am a boy of 14 used to masturbate daily dose this causes any infertility


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