Thursday, December 30, 2010

One more happy IVF patient from the USA !

We have been married for 9 yrs now! Since we got married early, we decided not to have a baby for 5 yrs.We lived merrily for 5 yrs of our marriage travelling to & fro from India & US.After 5 yrs suddenly we decide,we want a baby! That''s when hell struck in paradise!We learnt in India that I have PCOS & I wasn't ovulating properly.We just kept trying to rectify my problem with lot of medication which my husband calls it poison tablets as they were affecting my body.We kept trying naturally but no luck.In the mean while we travelled back to the US only to find out my husband has low morphology! The doctor told us we might not get pregnant naturally.More hell struck in paradise! It took us a while to accept the fact & then we went for an IUI,which obviously was a failure.We were devastated.Doctor suggested us to go for an IVF,but we didn't have money specially to do it in the US.It was going to cost us a fortune.We had the best doctor & he was very patient with us.He gave us lot of time to think & rethink,& kept treating us with different combinations of medicines with a few more IUI's,all of which were unsuccessful.While we were at it,trying our best,leaving no leaf unturned,taking treatments,medicines,tests,praying to God,so many days,months,years passed by.It was nerve breaking for us!

We were struggling & struggling & others around us were just popping out babies . On a lighter note, my husband with an unique sense of humour calls these couples production engineers or pop up toasters!! kept supporting me through the battle field. In the mean while in the year 2009 & 2010 i had 2 chemical pregnancies but obviously miscarried,but on the brighter side I had conceived naturally both the times.It was miraculously surprising for us! By now I had started understanding that come what may,how you plan your life,your future,your decisions;God has some other plans for you.He has already decided your whole life.He is the controller & not us.We are merely his puppets.I perceived that God will definitely fulfill my wish but in his time & not when i want it,& whatever it will be,it will be for my good.

So after a lot of convincing by my doctor here to do IVF we finally decide to go for it but not in US,in India as it would be cheaper there.It was another stressful decision for me as doing IVF in India meant seeing another doctor.As I went to my doctor here for 3.5 yrs I was so comfortable with him & so attached that I didn't wish to go to India.My friend referred me to Dr Malpani & told me to completely rely on him.Initially I was reluctant for he was in Colaba,which meant 2 hours of travel for me one way from Vile Parle.But still i finally decided to see him.I was so very nervous in our very first meeting but Dr Aniruddha made me feel so comfortable as if we weren't meeting for the first time.He was very friendly & sweet with us.He saw all our reports & suggested we do ICSI instead of IVF.We went ahead & started our treatment.I felt equally comfortable meeting Dr Anjali & interacting with her & the whole staff.The whole procedure was fairly easy & less stressful than I thought as I was vacationing in India & the Doctors made it easy too.Soon the procedure was over with.Three Grade A embryos were transferred & now was the nerve breaking,head banging,throat slitting 2 weeks wait..It was the most horrible period of my life as I was back in US to be all alone to wait for the news.

And FINALLY it happened for us!!!!! after 4 yrs of trying & waiting,with 5 unsuccessful IUI's & 2 miscarriages, YES WE WERE PREGNANT! After all our endeavors & endurance & by Gods grace we are finally pregnant.We were destined to do the procedure with the Malpanis.For us they are truly God sent Angels.They are too good & best at what they are doing...I call it a Noble Deed!! God Bless them always.Thank you very very much.

P.S: I'm ending 2010 with a bang & welcoming 2011 with arms wide open.Cant wait to hold the baby in my arms!!!

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