Friday, December 31, 2010

Meet the Twiblings -

Meet the Twiblings - "Is your goal to have the experience of being pregnant or is your goal to have the best chance of having a healthy baby?” he asked. “If you really want a healthy baby, get a surrogate and an egg donor.” In that instant, I made up my mind. Of course that was my goal — and compared with that goal, all other desires seemed not only secondary, but also trivial, even narcissistic. I began researching surrogacy and egg donation — corresponding with gestational carriers on surrogacy Web sites and talking to agencies.

Very touching story - please read this ! I love the fact that the parents have been so open and generous with their feelings and the facts - this is so refreshing. I wish more infertile couples would do this, rather then try to hide their identity ! Why should you be ashamed of the fact that you needed medical assistance to have a baby ? Does this make you less of a mother ? Unless infertile couples are willing to stand up and tell their stories ( and how dramatic some of these stories are !) , society's attitudes towards infertility will never change !

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  1. I recently came across your web site and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my very first comment. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this website very frequently.


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