Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy NRI patient from the USA !

We live in the US and I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in 2003. We had been to an obgyn in the US and she had recommended 3 cycles of clomid treatment. Since this did not work for us, she had asked us to go for higher infertility treatments like Artificial Insemination or IVF. At that point we did not have proper information regarding these treatments and hence were not mentally prepared to proceed further.

Later we started research on the Internet regarding various infertility treatment options for us. It was at this time that we came across this amazing website. Dr.Malpani's website is an excellent source of information for infertility related issues. This was a panacea for all our questions. We then started interacting with Dr.Malpani through his website. We submitted the second opinion form with all the relevant information. Dr.Malpani graciously replied to all our queries. He was very prompt and patient with our questions. After 2 months of interaction with him, we finally decided that we should travel to Mumbai to start our infertility treatment at the Malpani clinic.

We stay at Hyderabad. However, Dr. Malpani was very flexible and had given us a treatment plan in advance so that we can plan out our trip and stay in Mumbai. We stayed at the accomodation at Janaki Nursing home. It was very cost effective and homely.

Our treatment started on Jan 7th 2010. We were advised to undergo IVF treatment. The IVF comic book on the website was very helpful to understand the various steps in the IVF treatment. On our first visit we were very impressed. There was not much waiting time. It was well organized and the staff was very friendly.

Dr.Mr& Mrs Aniruddha Malpani are well experienced and knowledgeable couple. Our treatment went exactly as planned per the steps in the IVF calendar on the website. It was on Jan 21st that 3 embryos were implanted. I requested for anesthesia during implantation since I was nervous. We were asked to see the embryos first. The embryologist walked us through the process of development before the implantation.

Later after 2 days of rest, we flew back to Hyderabad. I took a week's rest at home and flew to the US on Jan30 th. On Feb 4th, I did a home pregnancy test and by god's grace and Dr.Malpani's guidance and support I was pregnant. We were blessed with a healthy baby boy on Oct 1st 2010. What we once thought was very difficult turned out to be so easy at the Malpani clinic.

We would definitely recommend anyone looking for infertility treatment options to pursue treatment at Malpani infertility clinic.

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