Saturday, December 25, 2010

How Can You Be Sure Your IVF Clinic Is Any Good?

One of the major decisions infertile patients have to make is - How to pick a really good IVF clinic? The majority of IVF treatment centers appear to be identical on paper, and their websites are quite similar (because some unethical doctors will unashamedly copy and paste content from our website!). Many have happy patients - and most IVF specialists talk the identical talk - all of them quote high success rates and claim they are the finest! Exactly how is a poor patient supposed to separate the wheat from the chaff and assure himself that the IVF clinic he's going to is efficient? After all, while it is easy for patients to evaluate a doctor's bedside manner, it's difficult for them to make a call concerning his medical and technical proficiency.

Simply because the IVF cycle fails doesn't mean that the doctor was bad or the medical clinic was incompetent. After all, IVF carries a restricted rate of success, and only about 20% of embryos implant to become a baby. An unsuccessful IVF might just imply that the embryos failed to implant for unexplained biological causes - and isn't immediately a cause to switch your IVF clinic!

One extremely important tangible end point that all patients may use to evaluate the particular clinical proficiency of their own IVF clinic is to demand that the clinic give them photographic documentation of their own embryos. All superior treatment centers do it regularly, for a lot of factors. It records the high quality of medical attention delivered - after all, the proven fact that the clinic made embryos implies that they are skilled at super ovulation, egg retrieval and fertilization - and high quality clinics are usually proud to show their expertise! Creating embryos in vitro depends on elements that are primarily in the clinic's control - while the result of the embryo transfer, sadly, is not. This record additionally signifies that they have confidence about their clinical expertise and have nothing to conceal. This openness is extremely patient-empowering! Equally importantly, these photographs are extremely useful in circumstances when you need to get a second opinion, or to proceed to another IVF clinic.

In case your IVF clinic doesn't regularly give you with a written brief summary of your treatment cycle and photos of your embryos, then this is a warning sign! And if they refuse to share these with you even after you ask them to, this is a major black mark against them - and is a powerful indication that you need to search for another clinic. After all, why should a good clinic conceal anything?

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