Sunday, December 05, 2010

Happy IVF patient from Bangalore

After 6 years of unsuccessful treatments in Bangalore, we had decided that we were not going for another IVF cycle. I’d been diagnosed with PCOD and one blocked fallopian tube because of which I had two ectopic pregnancies. A friend’s uncle who was a renowned doctor in Bangalore suggested we meet up with Dr Malpani in Mumbai. After getting over our initial ‘If’s and ‘How’s on how to manage treatment in Mumbai since we are based out of Bangalore, we wrote to Dr Malpani. The prompt reply put us right at ease. We fixed a date, met Dr Malpani in Mumbai and decided to go ahead with one last IVF attempt. We went through the initial 9 days of shots in Bangalore. All through the months after we met Dr Malpani, his website and the success stories on the site were a huge confidence booster. The 10th day we reached Mumbai and were told that as my 10th day scan did not show many follicles, my chance of obtaining mature eggs were not good. Dr Anjali asked me to change the shots that I was taking till then. I was put on a new set of shots and the follicles immediately started showing good results. The embryo transfer took place and we flew back to Bangalore. Contrary to what was told to us earlier, Dr Malpani advised us to lead a normal life and get back to work. This helped in putting us at ease tremendously. 14 days later, we got a positive result on our Beta-HCG! The count kept rising every couple of days and 9 months later we are proud parents to a beautiful baby girl ! Dr Malpani’s clinic not only has the best doctors, but the attention from every single member of the staff is extremely touching and endearing. We look back to the clinic with such fond memories. We have a couple of our friends with infertility issues already meeting with Dr Malpani and we are sure of them conceiving soon as well. Prayers and our heartfelt wishes to Drs Aniruddha ,Anjali Malpani and their team.

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