Thursday, December 09, 2010

Find a better doctor !

I sometimes cringe when I see what advise some patients get from their doctors.

" I am 24 years and my wife is 22 years old .I got married one and half years and we are trying last one year for baby, but couldn't succeed. I tested myself and got the report that my sperm count is 95million /ml but my motility is 60%. Doctor said "your motility is low" and started treatment of last six months."

I had to reassure him that this was a completely normal semen analysis report !

The trouble is that he's much more likely to trust his real life doctor whom he can see face to face, as compared to an email from someone he does not know ( even though my advise is much better than the advise he's getting from his doctor).

The doctor's ignorance is appalling - or is he just trying to make a quick buck ?

I guess the saving grace is that at least the patient had the sense to counter-check the advise his doctor was giving him - sadly, this is something which very few patients take the trouble to do !

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